ballyedmunduff Wedge Tomb

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Myself at Ballyedmunduff pre tree felling

Ireland Virtual Tours Update December 2021

We endeavor to keep you updated with Ireland Virtual Tours. For 2022 we will be scheduling some new virtual tours for our customers. These new virtual tours will include a monastic themed tour and also a hidden monument and tomb themed tour.

There will be more to choose from as we enter the new year. We hope our new calendar will entice some new and old customers.

In the image opposite we see me at Ballyedmunduff Wedge Tomb, a hidden treasure located. Most people will not know of it's existence but rest assured, it is well worth a visit if you have an interest in all things ancient.

Shared from Wikipedia - This is an early bronze age wedge tomb, circa 1700 BC, and was situated in a small clearing in a planted forest before the trees surrounding it were cut down in 2020.

The tomb was excavated in the 1830s and then again in the 1940s; during this excavation cremated bone, a polished stone hammer, flints and pottery were found. The tomb is U-shaped and features double-walling; the rectangular chamber is divided into three parts.

Get the whole story soon in the new year.

We look forward to showing you how it looks today and the known history on a new scheduled virtual tour